About Us

The Punjabi Americans Organization (PAO) is a non-profit , non-political organization serving all Punjabi Americans in the Chicago land area. It is involved in cultural and philanthropic services for the Punjabi community and the greater American community at large. The PAO strives to promote the richness of Punjabi culture in the United States and to actively contributing its unique history and customs to the diversity of American culture.

  • We aim to bring the Punjabi community and the greater community together through a variety of shared community and social events.
  • We work to build bridges across the multiculural mosaic of American society to promote diversity and brotherhood.
  • We seek to actively promote and partake in community welfare and philantrophic events.
  • We value collaboration with other like minded organizations engaged in similar work.

# Following are the major programs organized/ sponsored by PAO:

Teeyan Da Mela

Women's Monsoon Season Festival-A celebration of womanhood. Events include:
  • Mrs. Punjaban Contest, Miss Punjaban, Bebbe Punjaban
  • Fashion Show
  • Dholki Events
  • Gidha, DJs
  • Stall for Punjabi suits, crafts, etc.

Apna Punjab

Commemorates the culmination of the traditional harvest in Punjab. Celebrates the richness of traditional Punjabi culture by showcasing local talent in Punjabi music, songs, dances, short plays and poetry.

Blood Drives

Serve the greater community at large by engaging the Punjabi in this philanthropic effort.


Promote Punjabi entertainment and arts. Provide a venue for talented entertainers from Punjab to entertain the diasporas community in the Midwest.

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